Work with documents at the highest level

How do we ensure document security in your company?

Data security when transferring, storing and archiving data becomes a standard and a necessity in an IT economy. The neglect of this area exposes the company to huge losses, the risk of which increases due to the increased use of private and business equipment by employees. That's why we take care of the basic elements that increase the security of documents.

Security of encoding and data transfer

Modern systems, operate on the basis of cloud computing, that is, data processing based on external platforms functioning on the network. With this technology, our employees are guaranteed secure online access to data from any device and place.

In addition, we use an encrypted connection at all times while working with the system, and communication security is provided by HTTPS and SSL protocols. Finally, with the 256-bit encryption solution, security corresponds to electronic access to bank accounts.

The transmission of documents to the Offices is encrypted and secure. The transfer is carried out through dedicated devices and security codes.

Our clients are sure that the data sent to the authorities and the Client-Office is safe.