Employee Documentation

We keep employee records.

For the Client we perform all registration or deregistration activities.We report new employees to ZUS we settle PITy we keep all documentation.

On our client's side, however, it is important to remember:

The staff documentation must be kept in paper form. If the employer keeps documents electronically, he must also have traditional files. For several years, work has been underway in the departments of labour, digitalisation and the economy, which are supposed to change these rules. For now, however, paper is still the only acceptable form of storing an employee's personal file.

The employee's documents must be archived for 50 years after the termination of the employment relationship. After this period, they can be destroyed. Such a long period is intended to ensure that at this point the employee will already be retired. If the employer is previously declared bankrupt or is put into liquidation, he must indicate another entity that is involved in the storage of the records.

Admission of an employee to work – employee documentation

The admission of a worker to work entails the creation of duties on both sides of the employment relationship. A very important role at the stage of hiring an employee is played by employee documentation (personal questionnaire for the applicant, personal questionnaire for the employee, employment contract, information about the conditions of employment, order to transfer wages to a bank account, employee's statement for tax purposes PIT-2). »

According to that regulation, in addition to the personal file, the employer must also carry out for each employee individually:

  • documentation on occupational diseases of accidents at work and accidents on the way to work and related benefits,
  • working time record sheet,
  • a list of the remuneration paid for work,
  • a registration card for the allocation of clothes and work shoes if the workstation requires them to be used.