Legal support for every entrepreneur

Our office cooperates with the Law Firm.

Thanks to the mutual cooperation between the desks of the Accountant Koksztys, and the Law Firm Koksztys and the Company of Lawyers, we are able to provide legal support to each operated business entity to varying degrees.

Starting with the Economic Law to complex debt collection cases or proceedings before the Court e.g. for the recovery of owed debts from an unreliable Contractor.

Legal support at different levels.

Legal support declared by our Partners covers various activities ranging from a request for payment, negotiations with the debtor to bringing a case before the Court and bringing the dispute to an end.

Thanks to cooperation with the largest debt collection law firm in Lower Silesia, our Partner is able to carry out a reliable and effective process of recovery of your debts.

Each customer signing a contract for such services receives a PACKAGE of monthly services, which includes advice, discussions, letters to debtors and the commencement of proceedings.

We invite you to cooperate.